Entry #10

Do you want a Valentine card?

2018-01-24 18:07:51 by MissChosenOne

Do you want a Valentines Day card? I will send you one!

- PM me your mailing address by Feb. 4th 

- I will mail it with a return address that is NOT mine. Last time a few of yall tried sending stuff back to me. My friend, who does not live near me, received it, then had to get it to me. This is something I am doing for free! I appreciate it---but don't send anything back!

- Cards will be platonic in nature. In other words, WE ARE JUST FRIENDS.  Except for @ZJ 's because his postman stole the Christmas stuff I sent to him. 

A lot of people hate Valentines Day, especially because they are single. 


I am a woman who has never been truly loved --and I love Valentine's Day. Because I love a lot of people. 

I hate a lot of people too, but that's more for Hate Day, which I celebrate with @FUNKbrs

Ok, allow me to be your wing woman now. 

This is the most romantic song on the internet at the moment. I am in love with Judah & the Lion-- I am marrying every member of the band-----but that's another blog post. 

So even if you hate this song---it will work on any female, I promise. 

Tell her you heard a song that reminded you of her. 

Then put it on and ask her to dance. 

In the kitchen, bedroom, living room wherever.

Bonus points if you sing it to her. 

You WILL get laid. I promise. Money back guarantee. Let me know if it doesn't work. 





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2018-01-24 19:13:08

I'm down for one. It'll shake up the girls at the office.

MissChosenOne responds:

I'll send one for the girls as well.


2018-01-24 20:16:40

Would love a card from you. c:

MissChosenOne responds:

PM me your mailing address/ or DM on facebook. However, get it to me!!!!!!


2018-01-25 16:29:32

I am glad I gave you something to talk about this year.
What do you mean _"it will work on any female?" I mean I am sure you are right. Everyone just wants to be appreciated and shown how much you care. I just feel you are showing media bias lol...nah for real though this song gets me looking for the same thing though. Love really is important to us all ain't it? I hope while you are playing this song and having fun this Valentines day you rethink the how gift receiving thing...Equivalent Exchange is important.

MissChosenOne responds:

I was just joking! I just mean that it's a romantic song.
Not trying to offend anyone. :-)


2018-01-31 17:11:54

Good to know about that address. XD

And yes! Much appreciate these send-out sessions. PM on route...

MissChosenOne responds:

I just picked up the cards!


2018-01-31 21:35:41

Platonic, not plutonic, lol. 'Plutonic' relates to the god or the planet Pluto, while 'Platonic' relates to philosopher Plato.

That said, a Plutonic card would actually be pretty fuckin' rad

MissChosenOne responds:

I autocorrected it to something incorrect! I'll fix it!
and yes, a plutonic card would be nice
I still love Pluto.


2018-02-01 07:54:53

I've never really did this before, but it sounds fun.

It'll give me something to look forward to in the cold months

MissChosenOne responds:

You will be getting a happy card!


2018-02-01 12:40:03

will I get da pussai doe

MissChosenOne responds:

The cards have dogs on them. I can find you one with a kitty on it!


2018-02-08 08:59:55

This a temp name change or final answer? Do like the irony in the new name.

MissChosenOne responds:

I haven't decided.
Depends what I feel like. :-)


2018-02-10 20:47:14


MissChosenOne responds:

Because I love you so much!


2018-02-14 10:28:26

Happy V-Day beautiful.

MissChosenOne responds:

Awwww you :-3
<3 <3 <3


2018-02-18 01:21:46

So what were the final numbers? Were all sent, received? Why we up so late,zzz

MissChosenOne responds:

I ended up sending like 15 or 20.
Most people told me they got theirs.
@nekomika still has not, so she gets an Easter card!