Well it's true......

2017-10-08 13:15:47 by MissChosenOne

Artist News---I'm actually doing Inktober this year. Feel free to 5 or zero bomb my art submissions based on how much you love/hate me

More important news---- @funkbrs and I are starting a new tinder type dating service. 

I was thinking, I'd like a tinder just for food, where I am matched up with other people who want to eat the same things. 

My entry would say, "29/F, wants something covered in cheese" 

If you are one of those people who only eats kale, you'd swipe me away. 

If you also like the loaded fries at Outback, you'd HMU. 

It could be NSA food meet ups-- we meet to eat this once and never speak of it again

or, it could be serious food meet ups-- we both LOVE Mexican, let's have tacos together every Thursday. 

Who wants to invest? 



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2017-10-08 13:20:30

I'd use that.

MissChosenOne responds:

I'm putting you on our list of subscribers.


2017-10-08 13:48:36

Sounds like a tasty idea

MissChosenOne responds:

You changed your picture!
and you are on the list of subscribers now too!


2017-10-08 14:03:43

No GMO's plz, that includes Old ElPaso, Doritios, Quaker Oats, ever increasing numbers of food stuffs. If Norman Rockwell were alive today I'd doubt he'd illustrate that Thanksgiving piece, 'World of Plenty' or something. Maybe the food would look the same, but the diners would not look healthy. So yea been sick lately, legacy of WWII biowarfare picked up by our even sicker government.

Hope the weather hasn't been too bad, wind might not be too bad, but include water and an atypical track/wind direction...

MissChosenOne responds:

Hi you! Our Thanksgiving dinner still looks like that! But we are Native American, so we make a lot of food from scratch.
I hope you are feeling better soon. :-(
Hurricane spared us here, thankfully!


2017-10-08 15:53:58

I'm so grim, sorry. At least you know the piece I was talking about. Wow, can sure see the mind behind the artist in your latest uploads, very refreshing! Though at first glance, the feet pic (center, toes down) looked like werewolf nails, but it's likely thick shading to show the sheets indented #roasttheartist ;)

(Updated ) MissChosenOne responds:

Haha! I don't mind constructive criticism. I can't get better without it!
As for where my mind is, I'm going through a lot right now. And everything I've drawn has to do with that. Except the squirrel. He's just a mage squirrel.


2017-10-09 14:38:43

Lol I'm going to five all of it cause you're awesome! I really like your art pieces, really talented!

MissChosenOne responds:

Thank you! I will share my fries with you!


2017-10-09 15:30:19

Mmm thank you! Sharing is caring!


2017-10-16 00:07:40

This idea requires immediate investment I'll mortgage my house

MissChosenOne responds:

You are a true team player.


2017-10-17 01:51:00

If it goes public tell when the IPO is and the what the FINRA is.

MissChosenOne responds:

We hope to be public within a month.


2017-10-17 16:16:06

I'm also doing Inktober this year, though I'm afraid to upload them to the Art Portal because of their crappy quality. Feel free to friend me on Facebook to see them if you want, though!

MissChosenOne responds:

I don't usually add folks on fb, because I feel like my life is very very boring.
And that no one wants to see my very boring life.
But I do want to see your art!
I will find you on there!


2017-10-19 08:18:07

Sounds profitable! Also lmao stafffighter (wonder whatever the story is behind that). XD Clever way of hiding messages, gotta try some time...

MissChosenOne responds:

He was my best friend, in real life, not on here, for 10 years.

Now he is not. :-) That's the short story!

I am impressed you took the time to decode that.

I am awarding you 6 cookies.


2017-10-19 10:22:56

Ah, I shan't pry further then. Sorry that (1/3) lifelong friendship reached such an unfortunate end! About the binary, I did start deciphering one number at a time, but wondering if there wasn't an easier way I Googled, and hey: https://cryptii.com/binary/text

Digital cookie award much appreciated though! :D Post suitable!

MissChosenOne responds:

I might have used that site to write the message. I certainly don't know binary by heart, lol


2017-10-19 13:56:59

Ah, truly a useful resource for uncommon conversion! Would be cool being able to read binary as any other language though, just because most people can't. :) Been pondering learning Esperanto or Elvish for the same reason.

MissChosenOne responds:

I won't lie, I'd love to learn Elvish. I'm a huuuuge nerd.


2017-10-19 14:27:42

Not so huge you've already learned it? ;) Would be awesome for sure!
Not sure I'd qualify as a nerd even, though I really look up to Tolkien for building an entire language just to enhance his realm! Impressive attention to detail! Also do love how the language sounds.

MissChosenOne responds:

I'm a big Tolkien fan. I'm a lost cause.


2017-10-19 15:32:11

Well don't be lost, cause... even the very wise cannot see all ends!

MissChosenOne responds:

Ha, well played.
You could have also gone with, "Not all who wander are lost"


2017-10-19 17:07:02

Even better. :) Still round the corner there may wait, A new road or a secret gate!


2017-10-28 20:23:39

so you are finally depositing

MissChosenOne responds:

Occasionally and sporadically. :-)


2017-11-11 09:04:39

Harvard Mag says it is a good investment and will last 7 years I am down!

MissChosenOne responds:

You are now an official investor!